Wholesale Vacation Destination Brochures


Our Wholesale Vacation Destination brochures are great booklets that contain a great amount of information for the reader. This is the travelers best guide to the area that they are visiting.

These Wholesale Brochures come in varies sizes and can be printed on 100lb Paper Stock with either a Glossy Finish or a Satin Finish. Color Trade Print can print Brochures with 4 to 52 pages of vibrant colors that really catch the viewers eye.

It needs to cover a wide database of information. A brochure can also include a list of various sightseeing points or the highlights of the traveling place.

A Travel Brochure generally is designed with elegance and factual detail. Care should be taken to keep the snaps of historical highlights of the place, you must incorporate the clicks of the sight seeing point so that the traveler knows what to expect from the place. These are some already tested strategies that have successfully given results.

A well designed brochure could be a traveler’s delight and could go a long way in your success. We have assembled together various designs and patterns that could gel with the kind of information generally found in all types of travel brochures because a well thought process has led us in selecting these designs.

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