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Our Wholesale Silk Business Cards truly are a unique product consisting of special materials that make it water resistant, and give it a durability that will last for many years.

These cards give you the ability to have maximum exposure out of each card. They are great for insurance cards, business cards, invitations and much more.

They are printed on  a 16pt Thick Stock which has the feel and body of a 140lb paper stock. Silk Business Cards is one of the BEST products we offer.

Silk Business Cards Process:

The Silk Process begins with a nice 16pt 140lb Card Stock. We then add a Silk Laminate on top of the card stock to get the smooth and protective layer on the card stock .Once the Silk Laminate is applied the card is ready to have extra features added such as Foil or Spot Gloss.

Silk Business Card Spot Gloss:

Spot gloss highlighting not only enhances the look of the business card, it also improves the three-dimensional feel. The UV coating is slightly raised, so it can be physically felt and seen when held at an angle to the light. When added to a full color printed Silk business card, spot UV adds a very dramatic effect and makes the piece stand out from the boring business card genre. When the Light hits the card the areas you choose to be Spot Glossed will stand out from the rest of the Silk Card.

Silk Foil Business Cards:

 The most popular is Silk paper stock which gives the paper a smooth finish.. Some people prefer to add a Silver or Gold Foil to the Silk Business Card. This is applied last in the printing process. We actually stamp real Silver or Gold on to your Silk Business Cards. They add a lot of Creativity to you Silk Business Cards.

If you are interested in the Silk Business Cards, but need more thickness on the cards stock; we offer 32pt Silk Business Cards with Foil and 32 pt Silk Business Cards with Spot UV. You can check out examples of our Silk Business cards when you “Click Here”.

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