Unique Wholesale Letterhead Design

letterheads-printing-cape-town-a4Letterhead design is important when you’re trying to leave a lasting impression.  Corporate colleagues, partners, executive associates and clients all take notice of the letterhead design.

Because there is several different letterhead layouts to choose from we can assist you in choosing the perfect layout for your client.

Formal letterhead should have no glaring colors or embroidered patterns or graphics. There should be a formal look about it as the name of the company and the designation of the person (if so be the case) should be elegantly written in the proper font. Black is the general choice for writing, however that option could be relaxed a bit, but it is advisable to use dark shades as it gives an executive look.

Elegantly designed letterheads focus on the graphics or the embroidered work. It is these meticulous details that go a long way and make your clients very happy.

Letterheads are produced in bulk and extra care should be taken to ensure that the printing quality is superb. We can guarantee that at Color Trade Print we produce the highest quality wholesale prints and your clients will be pleased.


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