The Three Ways to Use Every Door Direct Mailing System with Color Trade Print

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Every Door Direct Mailing System Allows you to mail out Postcards to every address in the Neighborhood without the need of addresses or names. This is an excellent Marketing Tool for a Local Business.

There are Three ways to use the Every Door Direct Mailing System

1. You Prepare the Mail

We print your postcards and mail them to you. Then you prepare mail-out at your local Post Office.  We can assist you with paperwork that you will need to fill out and walk you through prepping your cards for Every Door Direct Mail Delivery.

2. We Prepare the Mail for you

For Only 3 Cents more we can prepare all of the Necessary paperwork and prep the Postcards for Mailing according to Post Office Guidelines. Once prepared we ship them to you and then you drop them off at your Local Post Office.

3. We Handle it all

We can do it all, including shipping the cards to the Post office at your request.

Note: Our Pricing does not include Postage or Shipping Cost.




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