Consider Taking Advantage of Wholesale Letterheads

Sit back and think for a moment about how much letterhead your business actually consumes on a daily basis.  Be as precise as you can, but there isn’t a need to be incredibly accurate.  Jot the figure down.  Now do some simple extrapolation, and figure out how much paper you go through on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.  Surprised?  You aren’t alone.  If your business goes through a lot of paper products, you simple have to consider taking advantage of wholesale letterheads to reduce your printing costs.

Thankfully, there are sites out there such as that have information about wholesale printing that makes it easy to find a respectable vendor to assist you with your printing needs.  Go ahead and get in contact with them and request a quote, you might be amazed at how much money you’ve been throwing away buying your paper products piecemeal.

Another big benefit is that you don’t have to worry about you or your provider running out of product stock if a big job comes along; inventory and warehousing requirements can be steeper than you realize, and dealing with a company that provides wholesale letterheads lets you avoid this headache entirely.

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Wholesale 3D Prints


3D prints are now being used as a marketing tool to show products in motion. Recent advances in large-format presses have allowed for over-sized lenses to be used in lithographic lenticular printing.

Creation of lenticular images in volume requires printing presses that are adapted to print on sensitive thermoplastic materials. Lithographic offset printing is typically used, to ensure the images are good quality. Our printers are capable of adjusting image placement in 10 µm steps, to allow good alignment of the image to the lens array.

Typically, we use ultraviolet-curedinks and electron beam inks for             3D- prints. This works the best and gets the best result.

Your client will stand out above the rest in their marketing campaign when using our visually appealing 3D Prints. These 3D-Prints are offered to you at  unbeatable Wholesale prices. You may visit our Color Trade Prints Pinterest page for some great ideas for your 3D Prints. You can also join our Facebook and Twitter Campaign for discounts and the latest news in the printing industry.

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Designing a Great Letterhead

Designing a good letterhead is kind of mandatory for a good impression on your corporate colleagues, partners, executive associates and clients. Letterheads could be designed using various templates, as they are available in abundance. You must be careful in choosing the right layout that complements the quality of work that you are doing.

For entirely business work, a formal letterhead should be the apt choice. It should have no glaring colors or embroidered patterns or graphics. There should be a formal look about it as the name of the company and the designation of the person (if so be the case) should be elegantly written in the proper font. Black is the general choice for writing, however that option could be relaxed a bit, but it is advisable to use dark shades as it gives an executive look.

At the same time, if you are working for a firm that is into designing, then letterheads should be elegantly designed taking care of the graphics or the embroidered work. For such firms, even the letterheads could be proof of the quality of work as it gives a first impression of the way you tend to go about things. Sometimes, it is these meticulous details that go a long way in making your work a success, hence, even something that might sound as simple as designing a letterhead should be judiciously thought and planned.

My main motive behind these two citations is to stress on the fact that the right letter design can only be chosen after judging the kind of firm you need it for. One of the main point to be noted here is the quality of print. Letterheads are produced in bulk and extra care should be taken to ensure that the printing quality is extremely high and this is an area where no compromise shall be entertained. There is no use preparing and selecting the right layout if the names and the designation are blurred or have blots or stray marks. Absolute perfection is desired in this case. So, choose the best layout and rope the best printing sites that give you the best quality so that you can emerge ahead in this rat race of fierce competition.

Our mission and vision is the same, we have a selection of some of the best layouts from all over the net and the printing quality is top notch as we can give you one hundred percent assurance that you shall be thoroughly satisfied with the letterhead assignments if you choose us.


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Ideas for Creating a Unique Poster

Poster designing is an art. It is a difficult form of designing as it involves a huge number of factors. Generally, posters are designed on a large scale say for a hoarding or advertisement banners, however, this does not necessitate the fact that it has to be massive. Poster designing can be done on any scale but to do justice to the detailed designing, people prefer it to be done on a large scale.

Posters can be designed on various themes. They are specifically designed for certain events too. It all depends on the type of work you are designing the project for. If its an executive business type work and its a project related to publicizing a product and you have a poster designing for the same, the poster should be made elegantly as the colors used should be essentially formal in their look. Avoid the use of party colors and loud graphics as even though they may beautify your design, they fail to blend with the work type and thus ending up as a bad design. Thus, even a good design may get negative reviews if not used at the right place.

Similarly, for a lively fun event, a very classic poster would fail to evoke any sentiments as it could be tagged as dull and lacking the hunger because in such events, you need to design posters with loud screaming colors that speak of the value of color in our life. Thus, a lot of thinking and analysis is to be done to come to the right conclusion about the design, layout, graphics and colors in a poster designing project.

Here is a word of caution..….If the poster is designed on a large scale or size, extra care must be taken to ensure the proper resolution and quality printing because even an absolutely brilliant design fail badly if the printing quality or the resolution turn out to be bad. With us, there is a cent percent guarantee of no such problem. We understand that stakes are high and deliver nothing short of the best performance. Herein, we have compiled a few of the best designs for you to choose from. Go through them and find your perennial favorite.

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Magnetic Attraction

Color Trade  Print provides state of the art wholesale magnets for any occasion. The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of what types of magnets we can create for your clients.

Our original and effective, Wholesale Magnetic Business Cards will help your clients capture their leads and convert them into real business clients.

Most business cards get only one quick glance before they’re filed into the abyss of every other card. In contrast, magnets are practical and easy to display, which means their card gets featured on the fridge—not filed away.

We provide sturdy, strong magnets that are vibrant and full of color.

Allow Color Trade Print to meet all of your wholesale needs by designing and printing your clients magnetic business cards today.

Allow Color Trade Print to meet all of your wholesale needs by designing and printing your clients magnetic business cards today.

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Wholesale Calendar Creations

Calendars are common household products. Every New Year we make a change of calendar. There are lots of them available in the market but have you ever truly wondered what goes in the making of the calendar. There is an elaborate thinking process involved in this process. When making a calendar you need to design twelve pages. These twelve pages will be looked at all year long so they need to be unique and interesting.

One of the main points to remember while designing a calendar is that there should be some link between all the pages. The designs cannot be random, they must be linked some way or another. Even if they do not deal with the same topic, it is absolutely necessary that there must be some kind of key element that binds all the pages together because a calendar in itself is a continuity and hence, the pages should not be entirely separate, there has to be something to hold them together and the link should come out beautifully in the designing.

Here, we have compiled a few of the various collections of Wholesale Calendars. We bring together one of the most beautiful calendar design compilation.

Just scroll through and have a look, who knows you might just end up finding the exact design that you have been searching for too long.




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Take your Website to the Next Level

Any online business understands the importance to continually updating and refresh their website. A perfect website is never built over night. It is always work in progress day by day. It is vital that the client or customer can navigate through the website with ease. It is equally important for the company website users to be officiant in what they are doing.

We would like to help your company with all of their programming needs. We now offer web programming to all of our clients.

We have an amazing team of programmers that are ready to help your business go to the next level. You can contact one of our representatives with any questions you have. The process is very quick and easy for you. Give our programmers an opportunity to amaze you.

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Aluminium Signs

Aluminum composite panels are quickly becoming the material of choice for sign makers across the country.

Modern, classy, upscale establishments are the perfect fit for brushed aluminum letters. Here are some of the places where you might consider this sign substrate for your business sign or corporate signage:

  • A Insurance or Investment Firm
  • A Public or Municipal Building
  • College or University
  • Office Building or Park
  • High end Salon or Spa
  • Mortgage or Banking Institution
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Upscale Hotel Lobby
  • A Property Management Company

Extremely rigid, durable and lightweight, aluminum composite panels allow you to create cost-effective signs that are impact resistant and will not rust or corrode over time as alternative materials might.

Consisting of two high quality aluminum sheets bonded to a UV resistant Polyethylene core, the Aluminum Sign has an incredibly flat surface that prints exceptionally well.  Your brand, business details and company logo can be printed onto the sheet to create an impressive sign that is sure to get a business noticed.

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Designing a Fast Food Poster for you Client

Fast food centers are opening thick and fast. As more and more people like to indulge in fast food, opening a fast food center is becoming a popular choice. But, it is easier thought than done. A lot of creative thought must go into the making of a successful fast food outlet.

First of all, the quality of food must be too good as that shall help you spread your reach real fast. But, apart from the food quality, you also need to deal with the matter that you need to promote your outlet in the right way. Advertising is a big business. So, it is your duty to design the right advertising banner or poster for your client.

The basic point to remember while designing a fast food poster is make sure that it contains food. A very beautifully designed poster but with no relevance shall fetch you no awards, so try and keep it relatively simple the first time round. Do not go for farfetched ideas keeping an abstract design that is open to interpretations, the better option is to indulge in the food advertising headlong by keeping a design of your best food stuff or better still collage of your best picks.

The poster should be very brightly colored to make it look catchy. Dull colors are to be eliminated entirely because a fast food poster is all about fast modern lifestyle which speaks of happiness and there is no place for dullness and sorrow. But, if you are an established firm and still want a new design, you have the power to experiment with abstract design posters because people know of your high quality, so the extra edge is there.

We have a compilation of some of the best designs that you would surely love because they would bring out the best of you. At the same time, the clincher for a poster designing work is a catchy title, nothing excites a foodie more than a brilliantly made food title. There is a fun quotient about it, you can play with words there or get a great tagline, the options are numerous but the essence is to try and bring the best out of it. Our wholesale banner and sign prices are unbeatable. Obviously, we are there to assist anytime.

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Wholesale Banners Customized for your Clients Success

In today’s world of competition, visibility becomes most significant for success. Wholesale Banners are very important to get you subject or focus across immediately. Our Wholesale Custom banners can be used effectively as outdoor or indoor banners. These banners are extremely durable and weather resistant. Banner printing is done on vinyl or mesh material. These materials can last up to seven years if used and stored correctly.

The Banners may be purchased solely or with a stand. There are a few different options for the banner stands. The X-Stand and the L-Stands will come in two parts, the Banner and the Stand. These two pieces take less than three minutes to assemble. However, when purchasing the retractable stand, the insert is already installed.

Wholesale Custom banners have evolved with time to adapt to the new trends that have revolutionized banner design and printing. This makes them the best choice for advertising businesses like using them during the launch, at restaurants, in shops, etc. The content, design layout, colors and everything is customized as per the need of the customer. The location of these banners also can be changed frequently as per the requirements which serve as a fresh change. This makes Wholesale Custom banners a very reasonable option for advertising.

Color Trade Print guarantees the highest quality vinyl banners at an unbeatable price wholesale price. Have our design team create a customized banner for your business today.

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