Wholesale Inline Foil Business Cards from Color Trade Print


Making money by reselling basic business services can be extremely lucrative in the right circumstances; after all, nearly everyone uses them.  That’s why wholesale foil cards should definitely be on the menu of any design professional who works at directly reselling, or any sales or marketing person who is supported by trade print shopsand works at reselling.

Wholesale foil cards are particularly good services for resale because they represent the best of both worlds; wholesale foil cards obviously have a premium finishing option, but since they are purchased wholesale, much of the pricing concern is alleviated at the same time, making it a great product for those who develop a relationship with a trade print shop to actually print their cards.

Another big benefit of reselling wholesale foil cards is that if you work in design, you will likely amass a relatively impressive product portfolio quite quickly; people don’t spend the extra money on wholesale foil cards unless they have a premium design they are intending to showcase to people.  This means that after you’ve resold wholesale foil cards for a while, you’ll have a great portfolio full of some top-end design work that you can rightfully claim a hand in having developed.

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Embossing and Debossing with ColorTradePrint


Embossing and Debossing with Wholesale Printer

Although Embossing and Debossing are very similar printing processes, they create a different result. Both of these processes involve pressing paper into relief using heat and force. The process involves the use of two metal dies, a raised counter-die and a recessed die. The raised die forces the paper stock into the recessed die to create the impression. Embossing creates a raised impression and debossing creates a depressed impression.

There are a couple of things you need to remember when designing for a piece that includes embossing or debossing:

Set your type with more space between the letters than usual. When putting letters too close to one another it will merge the letters to for one element once the embossing has been done. Embossing also makes design elements look smaller and can reduce the clarity of smaller items.


Be aware that embossing is a mechanical process that manipulates the paper stock, and by default, it may also manipulate your design.

Ink, foil, paper stock, and die are key elements to creating an embossed or debossed product. Given the number of variables, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable Color Trade Print representative to ensure that you are ordering exactly what you need.

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What is Trade Printing?

Clor Trade Print-wholesale- printing company

If you’ve heard the phrase ‘trade printing’, and aren’t quite sure what it is; we’ve got answers for you.  Trade printing is the name of a specific business model adopted by companies which engage in the physical production of printed products.  They offer their production services directly to those involved in other aspects of the industry, and related industries.

Many of their clients are print brokers, freelance artists or graphic designers, advertising or marketing agencies, or even other print shops. They focus on attracting their clients through offering wholesale prices which can be significantly lower than other businesses are able to offer.

The way they are able to achieve such low pricing levels is because their business has basically decided to completely forego certain aspects and functions that other businesses engage in.  For example, they may not have a customer service department, or even a sales force.

Being so specialized in the physical production of the goods, and little else, lets them keep trade printing prices low, and secures their share of the market.  Trade printing operations can be great ways to cut costs and save money for those in the industry, so if you have significant printing expense, look into some trade printing vendors.

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Color Trade Print’s Wholesale Pricing


If you’re looking to reduce your graphics and marketing costs and believe you have the talent in-house, consider seeking out some vendors that offer trade print pricing.  What does this mean, specifically?  In a nutshell, trade only printers do not deal with ‘retail’ clients; they deal only with others in the industry.  This means graphic designers, other print shops who need overflow assistance, and the like are their prime clients.

The reason trade print pricing exists is that they expect camera ready art to be provided, and will not deal with or discuss specs with you; you’re expected to provide all of this information up front.  They also tend to deal with bulk or volume orders, so if you only need small quantities of printing done this likely isn’t the solution for you.

If you’re able to abide by these requirements though, you‘ll be rewarded by paying significantly lower rates for the printing work than you would if you went through a normal retail print shop.

Trade print pricing is lower precisely because of all those service elements and customer service hand-holding that is cut out of the process.  So if you have talented graphic designers on your staff, consider taking advantage of trade print pricing and avoiding traditional print shops.

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Color Trade Print’s Wholesale Foil Stamped Business Cards

foil business cards

Thank you for visiting our site. This is a blog post about Wholesale Foil Stamped Business cards.

The standard size for a business card is 2.5 x 2 inches. You can have your logo or anything in foil according to your requirement on your Wholesale Foil Stamped Business Cards. You can have it in any shape you would like and in any size you would like. We can laminate it with gloss, which will give it a shiny look. Or with Matte, which will give it a neutral look.


We can customize your Wholesale Inline Foil Business Card product according to your desired quantity and size. So, please feel free to contact us and request a quote through email at http://www.colortradeprint.com/contact_us.html or by phone at 1.800.915.6436. Please be specific about your size, quantity, and color scheme.

Thank you again for visiting out website and reading this blog. Color Trade Print’s Customer Care Representatives look forward to assisting you with your printing questions and orders.



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Color Trade Prints Wholesale Holiday Gala Invitations



Tis’ the season to be Merry! What a perfect time of year to get everyone together for a company Gala. Color Trade Print can print those Holiday Party Invitations for your company. Our wholesale invitations come in a variety of high quality paper stocks with one color or full color prints. This is a sure way of getting everyone excited about the Holiday season.

Holiday Gala Invitations are available in 14pt and 16pt Matte and Glossy Postcards.The most popular is a 4×6 Invitation but we also offer 4.25×6, 4×9 5×7, 6×9, 6×11, and 8.5×5.5. UV Gloss is a protective finish that we coat the Invitations with to give then a natural glow and finish. This looks great.


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Color Trade Print’s Wholesale Holiday Postcards


Glossy Holiday Postcards have always been a very big hit. Here at Color Trade Print we speicalize in Wholesale 14pt and 16pt Matte and Glossy Postcards.The most popular is a 4×6 Postcard but we also offer 4.25×6 4x95x7 6×9 6×11 and 8.5×5.5. UV Gloss is a protective finish that we coat the Postcards with to give then a natural glow and finish. These postcards can with stand rain,sun, and lots of other abuse. We only use 14pt or 16pt Card Stock which is a really thick and sturdy card stock.


There are only 5 weeks until Christmas.  Go ahead and get them out of the way, so you can focus on more important things. Color Trade Print offers Wholesale Holiday Postcards, Wholesale Letters with a company logo, and the highest quality Wholesale Envelopes with a company logo.

Here are some great examples of our Holiday Greeting Cards and our Holiday Paperstockmlbpa_holiday_details:

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Wholesale Inline Foil Printing with Color Trade Print

Inline Foil Swatch

Wholesale Inline Foil Business Cards, postcards, and stickers are offered in full color and  full bleed. These prints are silky smooth and durable; meaning, they are tear and water resistant.  These unique, custom Business cards, Postcards, and Stickers are attractive and best yet, affordable.

All logos, designs, or solid lines should be at least 2 points wide. To avoid quality issues, fancy or curly type styles, finely detailed logos, and very thin lines should be avoided. Foil, not ink, is being stamped onto the finished product, and will behave accordingly.

Finely detailed logos, screens, traps, and hairline registration with ink or with another foil are not available.

Custom foil stamping is available on all paper stocks, alone or in combination with thermography or flat spot-color printing, and with 4-color printing.

Here are some great examples of Inline Foil Business cards that we have printed:

Inline Foil




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Design Magnetic Cards with Color Trade Print


Card designing is in vogue. If you are a relatively new enterprise and wish to publicize your firm, magnet card design might be the best idea. Magnet cards are very trendy as they have a rich look about them. Also, they add the touch of modernism in the business cards.

One problem with magnet cards is that magnets do not stick to all kind of surfaces, but this disadvantage cannot overrule the innumerable benefits that this way of designing has.

Magnetic cards can be used in various different forms like brochures, plates, notices, wall hangings, door entrances, posts and likewise. They can be used for a range of activities including new business prospects, established firms, on the bodies of cars for that extra look of finesse, for interior decoration purposes of new homes and even as invitations for some events.

Although, it is perfectly valid for each of the above occasions and even more, yet it is generally used for business purposes the most. Designing business magnet cards require a thorough understanding of some basic ideas. No bright colors should be incorporated for something that has an executive feel about it. This is one big pitfall that should be avoided, as glaring colors do not go well with business prospects.

Further, the kind of elegance that a magnetic business card exudes is not the same as that of a plain paper based card, though what matters essentially is the content on the card yet impressions and presentations are important issues too.

People tend to judge strangers by their first impressions, so if you really want to have a great start, it is advisable to invest a bit in designing of your business cards, and magnetic cards are one of the various designs available.

Here in, we have enclosed a few of the huge layouts available for designing magnetic business cards. They can be easily personalized for your use so take your time to scroll through them, pick the right layout and try us, we are sure to deliver the best performance.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so do not hesitate to drop in any suggestions. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

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8 Ideas to Creating a Great Business Card

business_cards 8 Unique, Cost Effective Ways to Create a Business Card:

#1:  Rounded Corners– Having all or some of the corners on your business card rounded can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your cards.

#2:  MagnetsMaking magnets out of your business cards are a way to create a useful product with your contact information. And they are more likely to be stuck on the fridge and less likely to be tossed in the trash.

#3:  Folded Cards Folded cards let you stand them up like a table tent on an exhibit or display, and you can make them mini brochures with additional information about your company or services.

#4: Mini Cards Mini cards are business cards that are smaller than the standard size. This can make the cards stand out, yet those receiving them can still stick them in their pocket or stack them with other business cards.

#5: Die Cut Business cards in a different shape can be especially memorable. You can try something as simple as a circular card or create a custom shape.

#6: Rip Cards Rip cards are traditionally used as door hangers or rack cards with a tear-off piece at the bottom that can be a coupon or business card. But you can create your own rip cards in business card size. Use it for a tear-off basic HTML cheat sheet, a hex code color table, or even a list of resource sites for your clients. You can do this by using the back of your cards, too.

#7: Plastic– For a stand-out card, try a clear plastic design. Not only are they creative and different than most other cards, but they are extremely durable.

#8: Recycled Recycled cards are a great way to lessen your carbon footprint while creating a unique image for your business. There are a lot of options out there from recycled paper, to soy-based ink, to reused paper and materials.

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