Consider Taking Advantage of Wholesale Letterheads


How much Letterhead does your business actually consume on a daily basis?

Be as precise as you can, but there isn’t a need to be incredibly accurate.  Jot the figure down.  Now do some simple extrapolation, and figure out how much paper you go through on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.  Surprised?  You aren’t alone.  If your business goes through a lot of paper products, you simply have to consider taking advantage of Wholesale Letterheads to reduce your printing costs.

Thankfully, there are sites out there such as that have information about wholesale printing that makes it easy to find a respectable vendor to assist you with your printing needs.  Go ahead and get in contact with them and request a quote, you might be amazed at how much money you’ve been throwing away by buying your paper products at retail price.

Another big benefit is that you don’t have to worry about you or your provider running out of product stock if a big job comes along; inventory and warehousing requirements can be steeper than you realize, and dealing with a company that provides Wholesale Letterheads lets you avoid this headache entirely.


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Why choose Wholesale Inline Foil Business Cards?


Thank you for visiting our site. This is a blog post about Wholesale Foil Stamped Business cards.

The standard size for a business card is 2.5 x 2 inches. However, you have a variety of card stock sizes to choose from.

You can have your logo or anything in foil according to your requirements on your Wholesale Foil Stamped Business Cards. Your business cards can be created with any die cut shape, rounded corners, or with the standard pointed edge. We can laminate it with gloss, which will give it a shiny look. Or with Matte, which will give it a neutral look.

foil-business-cards-550x229We offer Wholesale Inline Foil Swatches in our sample kits. If you would like for us to mail you a swatch or a sample pack please request one and we will mail it out to you. It is very important that you create your business card with the right inline foil color scheme.

We can customize your Wholesale Inline Foil Business Card product according to your desired quantity and size. So, please feel free to contact us and request a quote through email at or by phone at 1.866.978.1588. Please be specific about your size, quantity, and color scheme.

Thank you again for visiting out website and reading this blog. Color Trade Print’s Customer Care Representatives  look forward to assisting you with your printing questions and orders.


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The 16-Point Wholesale Postcards

C1S Wholesale Postcards

The 16-Point Wholesale Postcard is Printed on Thick High Quality Card Stock. The 16-Point C1S Postcards have a Glossy Finish on one side and an uncoated finish one the back side. The uncoated side can be used to run through another printer for labeling or customization if needed. Wholesale Postcards are also printed on C1S Stocks so the uncoated side can be easily addresses by hand or desktop printers.

Because the front is glossy and the back is not, keep in mind that the back side of your Wholesale Postcards will not completely match the front side in regards to brightness and ink saturation.  You can also select a Hi-Gloss UV Coating for the front of the card to provide vibrancy and pop.

If you are asking yourself ,“What in the heck does 16-Points mean to you?”, you are asking yourself a very good question. It has to do with the thickness of the paper. The number is the measure of the “caliper”.

CALIPER: The thickness of a sheet of paper, usually expressed in thousandths of an inch (points of mils). Example: .016” thickness = 16 pt. Caliper.

Color Trade Print also offers a great service to our clients that print their Postcards with us. This service is the Every Door Direct Mailing Service. If you would like to get more information on our Mailing EDDM please contact us at or (800) 915-6436.

You can also check out our Pinterest Board for some helpful ideas for your Companies Postcards.

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The Three Ways to Use Every Door Direct Mailing System with Color Trade Print

images (7)

Every Door Direct Mailing System Allows you to mail out Postcards to every address in the Neighborhood without the need of addresses or names. This is an excellent Marketing Tool for a Local Business.

There are Three ways to use the Every Door Direct Mailing System

1. You Prepare the Mail

We print your postcards and mail them to you. Then you prepare mail-out at your local Post Office.  We can assist you with paperwork that you will need to fill out and walk you through prepping your cards for Every Door Direct Mail Delivery.

2. We Prepare the Mail for you

For Only 3 Cents more we can prepare all of the Necessary paperwork and prep the Postcards for Mailing according to Post Office Guidelines. Once prepared we ship them to you and then you drop them off at your Local Post Office.

3. We Handle it all

We can do it all, including shipping the cards to the Post office at your request.

Note: Our Pricing does not include Postage or Shipping Cost.




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Wholesale Silk Business Cards are the Solution

Spot uv Gloss Business Cards 2


Is glossy a little too glossy for your image? Is matte just not vibrant enough for your brand?

Wholesale Silk Business Cards are the solution.

Silk cards offer that happy compromise of sleek and simple. Created with the application of a smooth laminate finish, silk cards are the perfect, professional complement to any brand image. Plus, thanks to a tear- and water-resistant finish, they’re sure to last.

Wholesale Silk cards are available in several styles. So, you can decide which is right for you?

Wholesale Silk Business Cards with Spot UV -For any brand, for any industry

images (3)

Wholesale Slim Silk Business Cards– Mini cards that make images super striking


Wholesale Silk Die Cut Business Cards– Edgy and very attractiveimages (4)

Wholesale Silk Business Cards with Foil Bold, brazen, and crazy for attention

images (5)

Wholesale Oval or Rounded Silk Business Cards  For a more unique twist on the old classic.

images (6)

Wholesale Silk Business Card with Embossing – To make your logo or other card   features really “POP”


Wholesale Silk Business Cards with Double Thickness 32 pt– Adding a dramatic  touchSuper-Thick-Business-Cards

Love the finished look of a Silk Card? Well, see what it can do to your Wholesale  Postcards, or Wholesale Greeting Cards.

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Wholesale Silk Postcards


Wholesale Silk Postcards are one of our #1 Selling Postcard Stocks for many reasons. Silk Postcards have a unique and elegant texture. They feel extra thick and they are extremely durable.

Wholesale Silk Postcards can be used for Advertisement mail outs, appointment reminders, invitations, and Greeting cards.

When adding Spot Gloss the contrast between the silky matte lamination and the spot UV gloss varnish makes the effect brilliant and unlike anything else we offer.

Our Wholesale Silk Postcard Stocks are offered in 7 different sizes.

2.5″ X 2.5″ Wholesale Silk Postcards

3.5″ X 4″ Wholesale Silk Postcards

4″ X 6″ Wholesale Silk Postcards

5″ X 7″ Wholesale Silk Postcards

6″ X 9″ Wholesale Silk Postcards

8.5″ X 3.5″ Wholesale Silk Postcards

8.5″ X 5.5″ Wholesale Silk Postcards

We’re here to Help. Contact us if you have any questions at or by phone at (800) 915-6436.

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Wholesale Silky Smooth Cards

Spot uv Gloss Business Cards 2





Our Wholesale Silk Business Cards truly are a unique product consisting of special materials that make it water resistant, and give it a durability that will last for many years.

These cards give you the ability to have maximum exposure out of each card. They are great for insurance cards, business cards, invitations and much more.

They are printed on  a 16pt Thick Stock which has the feel and body of a 140lb paper stock. Silk Business Cards is one of the BEST products we offer.

Silk Business Cards Process:

The Silk Process begins with a nice 16pt 140lb Card Stock. We then add a Silk Laminate on top of the card stock to get the smooth and protective layer on the card stock .Once the Silk Laminate is applied the card is ready to have extra features added such as Foil or Spot Gloss.

Silk Business Card Spot Gloss:

Spot gloss highlighting not only enhances the look of the business card, it also improves the three-dimensional feel. The UV coating is slightly raised, so it can be physically felt and seen when held at an angle to the light. When added to a full color printed Silk business card, spot UV adds a very dramatic effect and makes the piece stand out from the boring business card genre. When the Light hits the card the areas you choose to be Spot Glossed will stand out from the rest of the Silk Card.

Silk Foil Business Cards:

 The most popular is Silk paper stock which gives the paper a smooth finish.. Some people prefer to add a Silver or Gold Foil to the Silk Business Card. This is applied last in the printing process. We actually stamp real Silver or Gold on to your Silk Business Cards. They add a lot of Creativity to you Silk Business Cards.

If you are interested in the Silk Business Cards, but need more thickness on the cards stock; we offer 32pt Silk Business Cards with Foil and 32 pt Silk Business Cards with Spot UV. You can check out examples of our Silk Business cards when you “Click Here”.

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Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail is still one of the most successful marketing methods today in the U.S. Direct mail marketing.  It allows for the sender to measure the success of this marketing strategy and determine where the marketing budget should be targeted for the future.

You can promote your brand, products or services via direct mail with a number of different types of media including booklets, postcards, inserts and flyers.

These Wholesale Booklets offer an affordable option to physically distribute information regarding your company in a format that makes it easy to include everything from contact info and services to photos and testimonials in one source of convenient access. Our Wholesale Booklets can be ordered in many different sizes with several different finishes to choose from. All Booklets are usually printed in Full Color.

Our Wholesale Postcards are small, neat and attractive items for customers and clients to receive in the mail. You can include special offers such as gift with purchase specials, event invitations or even sales offers such as a percentage off the next purchase. Using special codes for redemption of direct marketing offers can allow you to see what worked and why as well as to fine tune your customer database. There are many different size options, paper finish options, and paper thickness to choose from.

Our Wholesale Inserts can be used for varies reasons. They can be used in Magazines, Catalogs, Free-Standing Newspapers, and in Shipping Packages. You can count on our engineered processes to manage multiple versions and codes as well.

Wholesale custom flyers are perfect for promoting sales, events, announcements, grand openings, and more. Our Wholesale flyers will best represent your brand when created and finished with the highest quality materials. We have the capabilities to create custom flyers using only heavy, hard-wearing paper stock, finished in one of three finishes that not only strengthen your design, but further your flyer’s durability.

Remember that Color Trade offers a number of custom printing services as well!

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Wholesale 16pt Silk Business Cards

foil business cards

The Hottest New trend in Wholesale Business Cards is the……

16pt silk business cards. It is significantly heavier than a normal card and with a different finish, this card definitely communicates gravitas, and a certain inspired style to those looking to impress.

The weight of the card is the first thing most people will notice.  These Wholesale 16pt silk business cards are usually can be customized with Foil, Spot UV, or Matte Finish.  Die-Cut and perforations can also be added to make a multi layered 3-D Silk Business Card.  Color Trade Printis able to create your custom 16pt Silk Business Cards today.

Silk finishes are, of course, one of the most popular decorative finishing options available on most card stocks, and 16 pt silk business cards are no exception.  The look is smooth, sleek, and gives off an impression of success that is impossible to mimic.  So if you’re interested in standing out from the crowd, consider doing so with some 16 pt silk business cards from Color Trade Print.


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Give Your Wholesale Business Cards More Zing

metal-business-card-die cut

Does your Wholesale Business Cards need more Zing?

Well, here are some ways to create a Business Card that will be unique and impressive.

#1:  Rounded Corners Having all or some of the corners on your business card rounded can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your cards.

#2:  MagnetsMaking magnets out of your business cards are a way to create a useful product with your contact information. And they are more likely to be stuck on the fridge and less likely to be tossed in the trash.

#3:  Folded Cards Folded cards let you stand them up like a table tent on an exhibit or display, and you can make them mini brochures with additional information about your company or services.

#4: Mini Cards Mini cards are business cards that are smaller than the standard size. This can make the cards stand out, yet those receiving them can still stick them in their pocket or stack them with other business cards.

#5: Die Cut Business cards in a different shape can be especially memorable. You can try something as simple as a circular card or create a custom shape.

#6: Rip Cards Rip cards are traditionally used as door hangers or rack cards with a tear-off piece at the bottom that can be a coupon or business card. But you can create your own rip cards in business card size. Use it for a tear-off basic HTML cheat sheet, a hex code color table, or even a list of resource sites for your clients. You can do this by using the back of your cards, too.

#7: Plastic For a stand-out card, try a clear plastic design. Not only are they creative and different than most other cards, but they are extremely durable.

#8: Recycled Recycled cards are a great way to lessen your carbon footprint while creating a unique image for your business. There are a lot of options out there from recycled paper, to soy-based ink, to reused paper and materials.

There are so many ways to create a card that will leave a lasting impression. A Color Trade Print Representative is available to help you in the decision process.

You can view our Facebook and Twitter Campaign for some helpful tips and coupon codes and get some great business card ideas from our Pinterest page.

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