Marketing with Wholesale EDDM Postcards and Flyers


It’s easy to be star-struck with the newest technology developments in marketing automation. These innovations are going to revolutionize our lives with Automation!

More Features! More Functionality! But, what about more customers or more revenue?

Email, landing pages, re-targeted ads and mobile-friendly components are all well and good, but if you’re not incorporating automated direct mail into your marketing mix you’re missing a significant engagement opportunity with your audience.

While it might not have the appeal of tech, direct mail has proven itself time and again as a powerful channel to grow business.

We know from our own research that direct mail packs a more powerful punch. However, in a third party study, from Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, they found that direct mail ads were superior to email in 8 of 9 categories researched. Temple University was able to scientifically prove that direct mail trumps email when it comes to engagement, recall, and ultimate purchase. While an academic study proving the efficacy of direct mail is one thing, tangible business results are something else entirely. And direct mail delivers the goods there too.

Color Trade Print offers Full Service EDDM to our wholesale clients. We highly recommend our clients take advantage of the Automatic EDDM Program. With EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) you can easily reach the customers who matter the most by targeting specific postal routes or entire zip codes with a Wholesale Full Color Postcard or Wholesale Flyer. There are no mailing permits, mailing listings, or experience required. This is the most affordable/effective way to reach your local audience.


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