Just When You Think You’ve Done Your Part to Go Green, Think TWICE…

AcceptPrint Can provide High Quality in Both


There is quite a bit of back and forth going around between digital printing presses versus offset printing presses when people are trying to decide how to print there business cards or letterhead. But just like age old debates throughout time that always ends in stalemate, this particular debate will definitely hit a wall. There is a lot of hype on the idea of using recycled paper in a Digital press and how it saves paper and uses the waste over and over again keeping the world clean. Will the first tree hugger who has never thrown out paper please stand up????

Now we do not have a negative opinion about people who are actively concerned with the care of the environment, so much so that they want their beautiful family Christmas cards and wedding invitations done “green” with digital printing. And what a wonderful thought it is. It recycles paper and during process creates less pollutant. To this we can agree. But, there is one thing that many people don’t know about Digital Printing that may blow their minds….. Wait for it.

Offset printing is an OOOOld technology that has been passed on and upgraded so many times but essentially the process is still very the same, just safer and faster. Now, it is true, Offset printers waste a lot of paper. 60 yards of trim every hour adds up. And we are certain that the good bits go into the recycling bin as does any conscientious person would do themselves. But the key factor between these to types of printing boils down to one serious point. Environmentally safe: which is better.

And with that I am going to say that I have to disappoint you both. It is quite honestly an even match. And it has nothing to do with the paper. IT’S ALLL ABOUT DE INK. I mean the De-Inking process used to clean this paper for reuse. Offset printing produces more than 30-40% more in paper waste than digital, I can agree and atone for that. But the Level of toxins processed and released into nature while De-Inking digital prints is painstakingly high. So much so that, the cost difference between the 2 processes is nearly nothing when you go to get your business cards or letterheads printed.

With those thoughts in mind think of it this way, either way we are depleting the tree life across the planet. One, were cutting them down in excess for offset printing, but, two, we are poisoning wildlife and vegetation and the very trees we are trying to protect in the first place with this left over ink from digital printing. Really if you look at it, it’s a deadlock and truthfully if you want quantity at a good price, you go with offset printing. If you have a small order and want to give life again to the cells of that recycled tree then great. Either way, both sides are fighting the same battle. It’s up to you to choose.


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