Improve Your Product Sell Sheets for 2018

Sell Sheets

Great marketing aims to pique the interest of potential clients and educate them on the products or service being offered. One of the most useful tools for communicating a product’s value is a product sell sheet, sometimes called service descriptions, sell sheets or product sheets.

How you present your company’s services at this stage is vital, because it is your one chance to convince a potential client that your company is the one who can best fulfill their needs. As a result, the descriptions of your services need to be informative, but also succinct. Sell sheets need to hold your potential clients’ interest, while also giving them valuable information about what your company offers, what they can expect, and all of the information they need to make an informed decision. This is not an easy feat!

Here are 5 tips to help you improve your sell sheets for 2018 and convert leads most efficiently:

  1. Connect the product to your company’s mission: Start each sell sheet by connecting your companies mission to each product or service in order to establish why this service matters to you and how you can deliver the best results. This connection between large mission and service can be a great lead-in to a sell sheet since it helps to re-emphasize your brand’s commitment and promise. Framing your services within the context of your mission reminds the client that your organization’s primary goals are in line with the solution they are looking for.


  1. Be concise: Like a resume or cover letter for a job application, sell sheets need to be powerful and informative but also concise. This means they cannot be too long or too short. Finding that Goldie Locks length, however, can take a number of rounds of editing. To ensure that your sell sheets are complete but not too tiresome, try writing them over a few days. Each day go back and cut something new out, and try to refine the language until each word packs the right punch. The rule of thumb should be, if your sell sheet is digital, your client should not need to scroll the read the whole description, and if it is a hard copy, it should be kept to one page or less.


  1. Control the pitch: Another balance to strike is how to best pitch your product. Too soft and you leave out vital information that could complete the sale and too hard and you look too aggressive and like you cannot deliver on your claims. The safest route is to align the tone of your sell sheet with the voice and overall strategy of your brand. Your company likely has an established tone for expressing enthusiasm without sounding overzealous, so mimic that voice with your sell sheets.


  1. Be organized:Organization is a huge part of keeping marketing materials and messaging on-brand. In terms of sell sheets, being organized means giving each sheet a cohesive flow and then giving all sheets a similar look, feel and sound. Sell sheets should match each other in style and tone, but they also need to be connected to the organization’s overall brand to display a 360-degree cohesive brand to clients. This also means considering how clients will find your services. If you offer a wide range of services, categorize and group them to help potential clients find the ones that suit them best. And if you have signature services or featured service packages, don’t be afraid to draw people’s attention to those. Clients will be appreciative that you organized your sell sheets in a way that makes them easy to find.


  1. Include numbers: All marketers want to show a good ROI, and using numbers on your sell sheet is a great way to communicate to potential clients what the benefits of your services are what they can expect if they partner with you over a competitor. Numbers, when used correctly and factually, can effectively quantify your business’s expertise, reach, and experiences with each service you offer. Numbers also help to tell a story about the benefits you offer clients and can be used to justify why your company is most worthy of a new client’s business.

Your customers deserve a clear understanding of what to expect from your company, and your sell sheets should give them that. Use your new 2018 sell sheets to demonstrate the full value you bring to clients by presenting them with clear, concise, detailed, on-brand descriptions that are easy to find and engaging to read.

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