Discount Plastic Business Cards

images (1)As your clients are planning their marketing strategies for this year, now is a great time to mention new and improved business cards.

Our Wholesale Plastic Business cards are inexpensive yet indispensable tools that work as a mini resume for any company. Even in this digital world, physical business cards are the “first impression” and are therefore, one of the most effective methods of building a company’s image.

Having a unique, modern, and cutting edge business card can help make the critical distinction when a potential customer is choosing between two companies.

As unique business cards go, the impact created by plasticbusiness cards is unparalleled.

Our Wholesale Premium Quality Plastic business cards stay fresh and new and are far more vibrant and attractive than traditional paper ones. Coupled with good design, plastic business cards will have people holding on to their card and even sharing it with others, giving the business a bigger opportunity for inquiries and deals from potential customers.

There are several different types of Wholesale plastic Card Stock to choose from and Color would like to help you make that decision, so your client gets the perfect card to represent their company. Here is a list of our Wholesale Plastic Card Stocks.

Wholesale Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Wholesale White Plastic 20 PT Business Cards

Wholesale Clear Plastic Business Cards

Wholesale White Plastic Credit Cards Style

Wholesale Frosted Plastic Credit Card Style

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