Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail is still one of the most successful marketing methods today in the U.S. Direct mail marketing.  It allows for the sender to measure the success of this marketing strategy and determine where the marketing budget should be targeted for the future.

You can promote your brand, products or services via direct mail with a number of different types of media including booklets, postcards, inserts and flyers.

These Wholesale Booklets offer an affordable option to physically distribute information regarding your company in a format that makes it easy to include everything from contact info and services to photos and testimonials in one source of convenient access. Our Wholesale Booklets can be ordered in many different sizes with several different finishes to choose from. All Booklets are usually printed in Full Color.

Our Wholesale Postcards are small, neat and attractive items for customers and clients to receive in the mail. You can include special offers such as gift with purchase specials, event invitations or even sales offers such as a percentage off the next purchase. Using special codes for redemption of direct marketing offers can allow you to see what worked and why as well as to fine tune your customer database. There are many different size options, paper finish options, and paper thickness to choose from.

Our Wholesale Inserts can be used for varies reasons. They can be used in Magazines, Catalogs, Free-Standing Newspapers, and in Shipping Packages. You can count on our engineered processes to manage multiple versions and codes as well.

Wholesale custom flyers are perfect for promoting sales, events, announcements, grand openings, and more. Our Wholesale flyers will best represent your brand when created and finished with the highest quality materials. We have the capabilities to create custom flyers using only heavy, hard-wearing paper stock, finished in one of three finishes that not only strengthen your design, but further your flyer’s durability.

Remember that Color Trade offers a number of custom printing services as well!

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