Designing Great Bookmarks

Bookmarks have been a perennial favorite among the book lovers. Some people have a real craze for collecting bookmarks. The best thing about bookmarks is that it allows the creative genius in you to roam freely. When designing bookmarks, you are fully free to experiment as bookmarks do not have a rigid restriction of do’s and don’ts. The more creative the bookmark, the better it is.

The main purpose of a bookmark is to keep it between pages so that next time the reader picks up the book, he shall know the place he had left reading last time. It is a reminder of your last reading place. Although, technically the job is simple but the creative managers tax their brain in making designs that leave you spellbound. Of late, the designing market has sky rocketed and thus there are a lot of designers who are taking the world by storm with their new innovative ideas. This is a good sign as creativity is a valuable asset. It is the designing of such featured articles, bookmarks, and other related designs that exposes the true talent of an upcoming designer.

Having spoken about the potential to experiment, there are some basic things that you need to keep in mind while designing bookmarks. Try and use a font that highlights the essence of your writing. Fonts bring the writings to life. If you choose a beautiful font, the readers tend to get attracted and your design could be an instant hit. Like always, try and incorporate a catch line. Bookmarks generally have a single or double line written. Your try should be to make the line as catchy as possible as if you succeed in this front, you can be assured that half your job has been done. Although, you are allowed to play with the graphical designing part, it is generally advised to have a relevant graphics embedded as the purpose of the text comes out beautifully if all the components complement each other.

We have made a compilation of what we though was some of the best bookmarks. Take your time and give us your feedback as we strive to better ourselves with your constructive criticism.

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