Color Trade Print’s Wholesale Pricing


If you’re looking to reduce your graphics and marketing costs and believe you have the talent in-house, consider seeking out some vendors that offer trade print pricing.  What does this mean, specifically?  In a nutshell, trade only printers do not deal with ‘retail’ clients; they deal only with others in the industry.  This means graphic designers, other print shops who need overflow assistance, and the like are their prime clients.

The reason trade print pricing exists is that they expect camera ready art to be provided, and will not deal with or discuss specs with you; you’re expected to provide all of this information up front.  They also tend to deal with bulk or volume orders, so if you only need small quantities of printing done this likely isn’t the solution for you.

If you’re able to abide by these requirements though, you‘ll be rewarded by paying significantly lower rates for the printing work than you would if you went through a normal retail print shop.

Trade print pricing is lower precisely because of all those service elements and customer service hand-holding that is cut out of the process.  So if you have talented graphic designers on your staff, consider taking advantage of trade print pricing and avoiding traditional print shops.

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