Color Trade Print’s Wholesale Holiday Postcards


Glossy Holiday Postcards have always been a very big hit. Here at Color Trade Print we speicalize in Wholesale 14pt and 16pt Matte and Glossy Postcards.The most popular is a 4×6 Postcard but we also offer 4.25×6 4x95x7 6×9 6×11 and 8.5×5.5. UV Gloss is a protective finish that we coat the Postcards with to give then a natural glow and finish. These postcards can with stand rain,sun, and lots of other abuse. We only use 14pt or 16pt Card Stock which is a really thick and sturdy card stock.


There are only 5 weeks until Christmas.  Go ahead and get them out of the way, so you can focus on more important things. Color Trade Print offers Wholesale Holiday Postcards, Wholesale Letters with a company logo, and the highest quality Wholesale Envelopes with a company logo.

Here are some great examples of our Holiday Greeting Cards and our Holiday Paperstockmlbpa_holiday_details:

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