Color Trade Prints Wholesale Holiday Gala Invitations



Tis’ the season to be Merry! What a perfect time of year to get everyone together for a company Gala. Color Trade Print can print those Holiday Party Invitations for your company. Our wholesale invitations come in a variety of high quality paper stocks with one color or full color prints. This is a sure way of getting everyone excited about the Holiday season.

Holiday Gala Invitations are available in 14pt and 16pt Matte and Glossy Postcards.The most popular is a 4×6 Invitation but we also offer 4.25×6, 4×9 5×7, 6×9, 6×11, and 8.5×5.5. UV Gloss is a protective finish that we coat the Invitations with to give then a natural glow and finish. This looks great.


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