Elevate Your Image with Raised Spot UV

When our 16pt Suede cards were introduced with the Raised Spot UV option, they were instantly a big hit. The card reconnects us to the “touchy-feely” world of textures and new combinations of materials. It is the perfect combination of something familiar with something new. This card has a true visual impact.

unnamed-2The feel of the RAISED UV enhances an already visually beautiful suede card. See what happens when these two wonderfully different textures come together.

Your customers will be delighted by the bright shiny details that rise from the velvety smooth suede card foundation. The unique balance of a 16pt Velvet Laminated card highlighted by Spot Gloss with a Height of 50 Microns, creates a tactile and visual experience that customers can feel and see.

Raised Spot UV jobs are set up the same way as Spot UV jobs. When creating a Raised Spot UV job, you must include a Raised Spot UV mask file along with the regular print file.

Please note, the mask file must be vector art created in vector-based programs such as Illustrator.

The Raised Spot UV mask file is used to show where the UV coating needs to be applied.

Please only use solid 100% K (C 0%, M 0%, Y 0%, K 100%) to indicate where you would like the UV. Do not use shadows, glows or grayscale images. White will indicate no UV.

It is recommended that you do not use smaller than 6pt font on the Raised Spot UV Artwork. If, however, you use fonts with thicker strokes, it is recommended that you do not use smaller than 9pt font.

For best results, please make sure that UV coverage is less than 30%. Otherwise, the cards will be stuck together and become a block of cards. Also, The mask file must be a vector art created in a vector-based program such as Illustrator. Otherwise, you won’t have sharp edges on the artwork.

Up to 70% coverage is acceptable only with patterns, thin strokes or small shapes. Ideally, the size of the area, shape or image covered with raised foil should not exceed 1in x 1in.

Please contact us at Color Trade Print with any questions you may have.

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Promote Like a Champ with Plastic Business cards!

At Color Trade Print, we offer a wide variety of business cards with different thickness and finishes to choose from. It’s important to take the opportunity to stand out from all your competitors. Plastic business cards are one of the best ways to do that.

We offer 20PT and 30PT Clear, Frosted and Solid White plastic cards to fit your needs. They can leave a lasting impression on the people you interact with, which in turn can make your company the first one that comes to mind when they need your product or service.

To better understand how a business may benefit from using plastic business cards, below we have listed some characteristics that make them different from standard printed paper stock business cards.

Benefits of Plastic Cards

  • These cards are incredibly durable. The typical plastic business card has a longer life than a traditional paper stock card, which means that your customers will retain them longer, and your business’s contact details on the card will last just as long.
  • Plastic business cards can leave a lasting impression. They can have unique designs, which in turn makes it easier for your customers to remember your business.
  • They impress when you hand them out. Plastic business cards are more uncommon than paper stock cards, and that’s something people notice as soon as you hand them out. This automatically makes people associate your company with one that’s different from others.
  • They have a subtle perceived value. Plastic cards feel similar to credit cards, which means that customers will associate your company with a heightened worth when they touch or look at a plastic business card.

Color Trade Print would be happy to assist you with your order placement.

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The Difference Between UV Coated, Matte Finish, and Uncoated Paper Stocks

Thinking of purchasing some print material and you are not quite sure which finish you should choose? Here is a look into the benefits of UV Coated, Matte Finish, and Uncoated Paper Stocks.

UV Coated Paper Stocks –  If you like to use bright colors and photos in your print material, UV high gloss coating may preserve the standard of the prints over the years. The gloss coating provides thickness for the card stock and will definitely have a longer lifetime. Also, they are more resistant to dust and moisture. 

Matte Finish Paper Stocks – The Matte finish paper stock possess a smooth, non glossy look and appears quite stylish. These cards are used with an aqueous layer after the end of printing procedure that makes your business cards softer with a matte (dull) finish when complete.Keep in mind that even the Matte Finish stock is often difficult to write on, preventing people from making notes on printed pieces.

Uncoated  Paper Stocks   – These types of uncoated papers soak larger quantities of printer ink, based upon the porousness and also the surface section of uncoated stock. Keep in mind that colors look significantly different on uncoated vs. coated paper. They may appear darker than on the coated stock, and images are not as sharp. A rule of thumb to remember is the thicker the paper, the more ink gets absorbed and the fuzzier images will appear. Uncoated stocks are usually simpler to write upon as the surface area allows the ink much more readily compared to a coated stock. Because ink doesn’t sit on top of the paper, an uncoated stock is ideal for letterhead, envelopes, printing forms and materials to write on.

If you have any questions or need advice on which paper stock would be best for your project, contact one of our customer service representatives by filling out the contact form or clicking on the chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the page. We’d be happy to talk to you about your needs and help you decide which stock is right for you.

If you’re still unsure which paper stock and finishes may be best for you, submit a samples request form and we’ll send free samples directly to you for free.

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Improve Your Product Sell Sheets for 2018

Sell Sheets

Great marketing aims to pique the interest of potential clients and educate them on the products or service being offered. One of the most useful tools for communicating a product’s value is a product sell sheet, sometimes called service descriptions, sell sheets or product sheets.

How you present your company’s services at this stage is vital, because it is your one chance to convince a potential client that your company is the one who can best fulfill their needs. As a result, the descriptions of your services need to be informative, but also succinct. Sell sheets need to hold your potential clients’ interest, while also giving them valuable information about what your company offers, what they can expect, and all of the information they need to make an informed decision. This is not an easy feat!

Here are 5 tips to help you improve your sell sheets for 2018 and convert leads most efficiently:

  1. Connect the product to your company’s mission: Start each sell sheet by connecting your companies mission to each product or service in order to establish why this service matters to you and how you can deliver the best results. This connection between large mission and service can be a great lead-in to a sell sheet since it helps to re-emphasize your brand’s commitment and promise. Framing your services within the context of your mission reminds the client that your organization’s primary goals are in line with the solution they are looking for.


  1. Be concise: Like a resume or cover letter for a job application, sell sheets need to be powerful and informative but also concise. This means they cannot be too long or too short. Finding that Goldie Locks length, however, can take a number of rounds of editing. To ensure that your sell sheets are complete but not too tiresome, try writing them over a few days. Each day go back and cut something new out, and try to refine the language until each word packs the right punch. The rule of thumb should be, if your sell sheet is digital, your client should not need to scroll the read the whole description, and if it is a hard copy, it should be kept to one page or less.


  1. Control the pitch: Another balance to strike is how to best pitch your product. Too soft and you leave out vital information that could complete the sale and too hard and you look too aggressive and like you cannot deliver on your claims. The safest route is to align the tone of your sell sheet with the voice and overall strategy of your brand. Your company likely has an established tone for expressing enthusiasm without sounding overzealous, so mimic that voice with your sell sheets.


  1. Be organized:Organization is a huge part of keeping marketing materials and messaging on-brand. In terms of sell sheets, being organized means giving each sheet a cohesive flow and then giving all sheets a similar look, feel and sound. Sell sheets should match each other in style and tone, but they also need to be connected to the organization’s overall brand to display a 360-degree cohesive brand to clients. This also means considering how clients will find your services. If you offer a wide range of services, categorize and group them to help potential clients find the ones that suit them best. And if you have signature services or featured service packages, don’t be afraid to draw people’s attention to those. Clients will be appreciative that you organized your sell sheets in a way that makes them easy to find.


  1. Include numbers: All marketers want to show a good ROI, and using numbers on your sell sheet is a great way to communicate to potential clients what the benefits of your services are what they can expect if they partner with you over a competitor. Numbers, when used correctly and factually, can effectively quantify your business’s expertise, reach, and experiences with each service you offer. Numbers also help to tell a story about the benefits you offer clients and can be used to justify why your company is most worthy of a new client’s business.

Your customers deserve a clear understanding of what to expect from your company, and your sell sheets should give them that. Use your new 2018 sell sheets to demonstrate the full value you bring to clients by presenting them with clear, concise, detailed, on-brand descriptions that are easy to find and engaging to read.

Color Trade Print offers printing services for the Trade. You can order your Sell Sheets through at Wholesale price.

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15% off Stationary products

june promo

If you’re in business, you need letterhead and envelopes that make a great first impression and have a lasting effect on your clients. These practical print pieces do more than just carry your Companies information to the recipient. They also reinforce their brand, bring their logo to the forefront, and turn every message into an opportunity for brand recognition.

The paper on which the letterhead and envelopes are printed is part of the overall look and design of the official company stationery. It’s important you have your business’ letterhead and Envelopes are printed on high-quality paper stocks, which gives the impression that your business is strong and trustworthy. Our personalized stationery are printed on the best paper in the industry. Here are a few paper stock options we offer.

70lb Premium No Finish Letterhead and Envelopes
A popular stock for letterhead and envelopes, this 70lb Bright white Premium No Finish paper stock is an uncoated, smooth paper stock. You can choose between a Flat ink or raised ink Full color Letterhead and envelopes. It’s everything you need to make a great impression!

70lb Linen Letterhead and Envelopes 

An all time classic choice, the 70lb Linen Letterhead and Envelopes are elegance and sophistication.They are offset printed on bright white, heavy 70lb Premium Linen paper. You can choose between a Flat ink or raised ink Full color Letterhead and envelopes. A clear winner for any organization looking for a high class look and feel.

24lb Capital Cotton Letterhead and Envelopes

A smart choice for standard business correspondents, the 24lb Capital Cotton Letterhead and Envelopes are offset printed with Full color full bleed on Watermarked 25% cotton paper. Guaranteed for use in laser or inkjet printers and high-speed copiers. With a genuine watermark and the unmistakable touch of cotton fibers, Capital Cotton Bond provides a premium look and feel to your important documents.

Save Big on all Letterhead and Envelopes

Even better, during the month of June you can save an additional 15% on all Letterhead and Envelopes from Color Trade Print. That means that whether your wanting to give an extra branded boost to your catalog mailing or reinforce your companies stationery message, you’ll save on your letterhead and envelope purchases. When placing your Envelope or Letterhead order during the month of June, please use promo code SLT-15EV. This special offer will only be around until June 30th, though, so be sure to place your order soon to save!

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4 Useful Ways to Use Business Flyers

Business Flyers have been the workhorse of the print communications world for a very long time. They are fairly simple to create, cheap to produce, and you can design a flyer around nearly any marketing objective imaginable. There are countless ways that you can use them, here are just a few ideas that you may find useful…


  • Product Flyers are always useful and very easy to create. On a product flyer you would have a picture of the product, or maybe even a diagram, along with the key benefits and features and benefits. It’s one of the most common flyer designs for a reason – it works!
  • Special Offer Flyers be used to promote a specific event; such as a sale, limited time offer, free trial, etc… These can be easily distributed through a variety of channels. You can send them out to a targeted list via direct mail, give them out at cash registers, or maybe even hand them out to clients during sales meetings. Special offers have always been one of the best ways to generate business. Create value for the customer and they will come.
  • Testimonial Flyers can be used on their own or in conjunction with other business flyer strategies. Here you would focus on a particular product or service and then support it with customers who have enjoyed that product or service. This strategy can also be used on an informational brochure or even website content.
  • Direct Response Flyers are another strategy that can be used. These are a hallmark of direct mailing marketing which gets its name from the intended goal. These business flyers are designed to get a response from the recipients, such as a phone call, email, or a visit to a particular website. The key here is to issue a strong promise of value to the reader. If the direct response flyer offers value, results can be staggering.

The sky is the limit with business flyers, and that’s one of the greatest things about them – they’re incredibly versatile. If you need Business Flyers created for your Company, our expert design team can create them for you. We Print Full Color Wholesale Flyers in a variety of sizes, paper thicknesses, and paper finishes.

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Wholesale Vinyl Banner Design Checklist


When it comes to traditional marketing, Wholesale Vinyl Banners are one of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing tools. They’re durable, transportable and make a striking visual impact.

Don’t use a banner’s low-tech style as an excuse to be casual about design. You should put as much thought and planning into banners as you do any other element of your marketing program.

Use this checklist to tick off all the necessary boxes for a great vinyl banner design that will reinforce your brand and drive customers to your product or service.

What is the purpose or goal of the banner?

Be clear on what you want to accomplish with the banner. Are you promoting your company and brand, generating leads or publicizing an event? The answer to this question establishes the framework for the overall design.

Where will the banner be displayed?

Banners have the advantage of being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The display location will dictate many of the design elements. Outside banners should be larger with a big enough font to be legible from a distance. You can also get away with bolder color choices, where indoor banners should incorporate lighter colors so they don’t distract from the message.

Have you edited the content?

With a large canvas like a vinyl banner, it can be tempting to fill it up with extraneous information. A banner can appear cluttered, so keep the focus on the primary message, and make use of white space for easier readability.

What material and print style will you use?

Before you decide to economize, think about the purpose. Banners need to hold up under more wear and tear than other types of marketing materials. A sturdy banner with quality printing that doesn’t fade is more cost-efficient than multiple inexpensive ones.

Do you have a call to action?

When you want to encourage a specific action, you can’t simply put your company name and logo in front of people. Include a strong call to action with a phone number, URL or even a request to visit your store. Be sure it’s appropriate to the banner’s location. People who are driving by will have less time to view it than banners posted in-store or in high foot-traffic areas.

How will you measure effectiveness?

Yes, you can track responses to vinyl banner marketing just as you do with postcards, flyers and other printed materials. Use special phone numbers or URLs that correspond with each banner you place. This way you can determine which locations or styles of banners are generating the most response.

Do you have the necessary hardware?

If your banner is going to be hung outside or from a wall or ceiling, grommets are the best method. Banner Stands are useful for smaller banners or ones displayed at trade show booths or other events.

The versatility of vinyl banners makes them a great tool to include in your company’s marketing plan. Consult your Trade Printer, Color Trade Print, today for other suggestions to create a truly show-stopping banner.

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Wholesale Pearl Metallic Business Cards


Wholesale 14pt Shiny Metallic paper is a unique stock that shimmers in light when viewed from different angles. The stock itself is embedded with Pearl fibers that give the paper an overall smooth, metallic look.

Business cards are the professional calling card that can help your business put its best foot forward. Your business card needs to represent your business with style. Our Wholesale Pearl metallic business cards can really set you apart from the crowd and Color Trade Print offers this newest finish.

You may be wondering what pearl metallic finish on paper really is.  This type of finish is absolutely stunning. The card will look elegant and luxurious, with some of the pearl metallic finishes being subtle and understated and others being more bold. Pearl metallic papers come in different weights. They are available in both the average business card weight and a heavier weight that will be more durable. If you know that people will be hard on your cards you need that heavier weight. Make your cards last longer by printing on a heavier weight card stock.

The coloring in pearl metallic business cards is very different. Some papers are a definite, bright silver or gold while others are a softer, gentler shimmering coloring.  Many of these papers appear to change color depending on the angle of the light.  Some pearl metallic papers are available in other colors such as blue or deep pink. One important point to remember is that the pearl metallic finish of the paper replaces the plain white areas of a standard business card. This means that your card is more like handing a sliver of gold or silver to a person when you use this special finish.  There will be no boring white on your cards, only shimmering background color. Even the simplest pearl metallic white, which at first you might think would look like plain white, is way more than simple, or white. Just start moving the card around and see how light bounces off it.

 The pearl metallic papers are versatile when it comes to what inks and printing techniques can be used. This means that your cards can be customized to make them even more elegant or eye catching. Contact Color Trade Print today for more information on our Wholesale Shiny Metallic card stock options.

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The 5 Types of Marketing Groups

Marketing Plan

Color Trade Print understands the importance of a powerful marketing plan. We work with our wholesale clients to help them make that possible for themselves and for their clientele.

Here are the  five marketing groups that you can derive a marketing analysis from.The information from these five marketing groups can be combined in different types of analysis. A marketer’s goal is to collect meaningful information within each of these types of information as possible. Marketing technology, business intelligence technology or data scientists then combine and use this information to perform analysis.

  • Explicit Information– information the consumer has specifically provided, such as their email address, phone number, name, date of birth or other information solicited through direct (although sometimes creative) methods.
  • Implicit Information– things that can be inferred about the consumer based upon other information (of different types) gathered, such as their propensity to buy or product of interest. Implicit information is often confirmed through the use of explicit methods.
  • Derived Information– what can be determined to be factual based upon other information provided, such as calculating age based upon date of birth or determining products of interest by combining explicit information with social and behavioral information to derive an appropriate list of products for a specific consumer.
  • Social Information– reveals the relationship between the consumer and other consumers, their interests, activities and hobbies, the locations at which these occur, and often the nature of their relationships, such as peer-to-peer or consumer-to-influences.
  • Behavioral Information– the factual activities in which a consumer engages, such as the websites they visit, the terms they search, the links they click on, the position and duration of their mouse on the page or those activities which occur in the physical world, places they visit and what stores they frequently shop at.

The client works with the graphic designer to achieve the perfect design. Contact Color Trade Print today and have our graphic designer create a new design for you or your clientele.

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5 Reasons to Have a Print Partner


Here are our top five reasons why it’s important to have a strong print partner for your business.


  1. More Solutions

When you have a strong print partner, you have access to more solutions than you are able to offer in-house. With a wider variety of products, you can bring in more customers and offer your existing Customers more options.


  1. Connect to new products and print processes

When new advances in the print industry arrive, having the right print partner can help you have access to them without worrying about the cost of adding them to your own facilities. This means that, whether you’re looking for new options for products or you want to add a new process to the options you offer your customers, information about these new options will come to you through your supplier.


  1. Go from “idea” to product selection

Print partners also give you the expertise to navigate those solutions more easily. If your customer has a vision and need a print product to match, your print partner will be able to help you walk through the decision making process and find the product that is right for your customer.

This is doubly important if your primary business is not as a print re-seller. If you work at a marketing agency, for example, having a print partner allows you to provide print to your customers while focusing on the things that you do best.


  1. Complement Your Skills

Your business has its strengths, but it’s hard to cover every one of your customer’s needs in-house. That’s why, complimenting your skills with a print partner is so important. It opens up new opportunities, while still allowing you to play to your strengths.


  1. Confidence

The biggest reason to get a quality print partner for your business is that it allows you to be more confident with every customer interaction. Having a print partner allows you to estimate time, give price quotes, and more with the confidence that the information your customers need is available.

Partner up with Color Trade Print as your Wholesale Printer. Sign up with Color Trade Print today.



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